We are all designers and creative agents. The more of us that can awaken to the fact that we are creative souls and that we can in fact participate in creating new innovations, the sooner we can get to solving the big challenges that are upon us. Being a design thinker and having participated in its application and teachings, I have seen the extraordinary power it has to awaken new mindsets, grow empathy, increase engagement and launch new entrepreneurs. 

I have been exceedingly fortunate to be able to enjoy a global career at the front end of technological change. I have participated in the build out of the internet and have lived its transformational power. It is the biggest enabler of all time and leading the biggest transformation of all time.  The web is still in its infancy and will continue to spawn creative destruction for decades to come and we need to harness its power to help us meet the coming challenges. I believe it is the most fascinating enabler of creativity and value the world has ever seen.

My mission is to mentor and empower creative and innovation mindsets to drive positive change and accelerate solutions to wicked problems. I am doing it by helping people and organizations design better arrangements to enable the creative power in all of us. After all, our institutions are run by people and every single creative thought and innovation has come from a human mind. The next solution to solve climate change, or to help people get better faster, or to invent the next source of clean energy, will come from one of us. Let us then put our stuff out there. Let us create and share our creative energy in positive ways so that we can enable our collective power to solve problems for all.

Welcome to my creativity. Want to share yours?