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Andres Jordan

Andres Jordan is a recognized innovation thought leader, visionary, and seasoned internationalist with a passion for the "new" and bridging cultures by fomenting intersectional understanding. His engagement style is passionate and inclusive, effectively utilizing leadership, creative, analytical, and consensus-building skills to engineer reciprocal partnerships. He has lived in - and worked for - four different cultures and via diverse career paths has developed capabilities in strategy, marketing, sales, international business, and innovation management.

As an international innovator, he has addressed audiences in leading conferences such as The Milken Institute, UNDP, Frost and Sullivan's Global Innovation Summit, and Front End Innovation; in locations as diverse as Africa, Russia, and the Middle East. His creative vision has led to the pioneering of new products and ideas and the institution of new organizational strategies better suited for innovation. He has been part of start-ups and co-founded a management consulting firm providing management and marketing guidance for tech companies.

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